Ibys Technologies is a technology focused company with capacity to adapt its solutions to customer needs, which is a must in Services QoS testing.Our expertise in OSS integration and the flexibility of the Xplorer System enables us to provide to our Customers High Integration with their existing OSS Solutions.

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Help Desk

The Customer can report the problem by telephone call, e-mail, skype or fax to Ibys Help Desk, Help Desk will immediately try to solve the problem in collaboration with the Customer’s technical staff, if not, it will pass the issue on to the Ibys Support Group.


Ibys offers a large variety of training courses. The training content is orientated towards the functioning of the Xplorer QoS System. The transfer of theoretical and practical knowledge about Xplorer QoS System is the basic objective of this service.

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Hardware Maintenance

Repair or replacement of faulty field units. The repair and return service of IBYS hardware is based on shipping faulty units to IBYS base and returning them to Customer.

Software Maintenance

Bug fixing and SW not performing according to specifications or Customer reported requirements are covered.



With Highly skilled specialists, Ibys Technologies offers help and assistance to Operators in the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of our solutions.