Technical Rooms

Ibys Technologies will be able to help you to design, create or to move your technical room adapting, in the possible thing, your new design and / or environment to the needs of your company, improving the functionality of the new room.

  • Physical Designs LAN.
  • Connectivity video / audio.
  • KVM.
  • Assemblies Rack; Servants, PCs…
  • Movement and installation of technical furniture.
  • Devices of monitoring.

In addition, Ibys provides services related to the monitoring of the rooms as: monitoring temperature in room, systems of supervision of batteries, development of software.

Ibys has a wide equipment specialized in this type of facilities. Our staff will consider all possibilities and resources, designing a project to average adapting your room to the new technologies.

In Ibys Technologies, when approaching a project of designing a technical control room is based on ISO 11064-1, «Technical standards for the design of work systems»; but first of all, we consider the needs that our customers face, technical capabilities and economic viability of the project.