Airscout: Automated Wi-Fi® Readiness Solution

Service providers have found that simply looking at Signal Strength measurements and using a single instrument is not a true measure of the Wi-Fi user experience in the home. Current workflows results in un-characterized Wi-Fi environment causing high amount of customer service calls and truck rolls.
AirsScout provides an automated solution that surveys the residence from Layer 1 all the way through to the application layer. Providing technicians with a tool that distills complex measurements into easy to understand metrics; enabling technicians to convey to consumers whether their applications are supported where they need it.

This 2 minutes vídeo outlines benefits of AirScout.

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  • Optimize access point location and settings
  • Opportunities to offer additional hardware (e.g. second AP or repeaters)
  • Improving the quality of experience of Wi-Fi in homes and small businesses
  • Reducing fault reports related to wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)
  • Less frustration for end users
  • Higher customer approval ratings.
  • Reduction of customer «churn»
  • Allows retention of installation records in the “cloud” for future reference by customer services
  • Multiple client devices (up to 30)
  • “Hands-off” automated testing
  • Simultaneous testing from multiple locations
  • Layer 1 through Layer 7 Active testing and analysis
  • Multi-dimensional mapping on things such as Applications (HD Video, 4k Video)
  • Intelligent channel selection
  • Identifies Optimal Access Point location
  • Application Support on iOS & Droid Tablets
  • Customer friendly on-screen report to explain the whole-home Wi-Fi readiness
  • Automatic “over-the-air” software updates pushed from tablet to devices