FTP Test Service QoS

FTP is used to upload and download files from the web. For mobile business users the FTP transfer has become a very useful and important application allowing them to save money and time.In the end, operator should know that a particular care on FTP Service performance will benefit this selective group of subscribers and will be of help in the fight for user’s fidelity.

FTP Test Service QoS

  • Server access.
  • Data integrity.
  • Espacio

  • Roaming server access.
  • Roaming data transfer.
  • PDP Context Activation Failure Ratio (%)
  • PDP Context Activation Time (sec)
  • VPN Tunnel Establishment Failure Ratio (%) VPN Tunnel Establishment Time (sec)
  • Session establishment failure Ratio (%)
  • Session cut-off Ratio (%)
  • Session Time (sec)
  • Mean User Data Rate (Kbit/s)
  • Test starting time stamp.
  • Test ending time stamp.
  • Connection lost indication.
  • Upload/Download time.
  • Throughput.
  • Number of sent/received bytes.
  • Test verdict.
  • Test incidences.
  • FTP Servers checking and performance monitoring.
  • Identify Real-Time issues.
  • Set KPIs to track performance evolution.
  • Throughput measurements.
  • FTP access time measurement.
  • FTP download time.
  • PDP Context & VPN full session logging.
  • FTP error detections.