USSD Test Service Qos

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a technology unique to GSM. It is a capability built into the GSM standard for support of transmitting information over the signaling channels of the GSM network. USSD provides session-based communication, enabling a variety of applications. For this reason a due to the fact of its extensive use by GSM Mobile Operators is why this resource deserves special care and monitoring.

USSD Test Service Qos


  • Operator services registration.
  • Location services.
  • Bank services.
  • Online shopping.
  • Prepaid recharge.
  • Chat.
  • Finder app (friend finder applications)
  • Espacio

  • Prepaid balance enquiry.
  • Operator USSD information services.
  • Espacio

  • Prepaid Roaming.
  • Circuit Switch Data.
  • Network Interoperability (HLR- HomeMSC-Serving MSC-SS7 Network)
  • Service Non-Accessibility (%)
  • Service Access Time (sec)
  • USSD content error (%)
  • USSD response failure (%)
  • Test starting time stamp.
  • Test ending time stamp.
  • Network response time.
  • USSD transmission time.
  • USSD content identification.
  • Test verdict.
  • Test incidences.
  • Check incidences in USSD related equipment.
  • Check availability and behaviour of USSD resource when supporting applications transactions./li>
  • Check incidences in USSD related equipment.
  • Applications (services) response times.
  • Check behaviour and incidences for associated applications.
  • Prepaid Roaming accessibility.
  • Prepaid account balance checks.
  • Recharge checks.
  • Session time measurements.
  • Session abnormal (premature) termination monitoring.