Web Test Service QoS

A very powerful extension for networks is the availability to navigate within Internet. Nowadays you can navigate not only through Internet using wired networks; also you can navigate using GPRS and UMTS networks. For many customers this is a very important way to make business or enjoy. For this reason, it is highly recommended to check Web accessibility, functionality and content using LAN/GPRS/UMTS networks.

Web Test Service QoS


  • Intranet Access.
  • Browsing.
  • Web mail.
  • Web operator services.
  • ParlayX platform.
  • Send & check email.
  • Send MMS & SMS via WEB.
  • Espacio

  • Games on-line.
  • Data download.
  • HTML page content.
  • Check Cookies.
  • HTML parsing.
  • Espacio

  • Interoperability between Network elements and Web associated equipments.
  • PDP Context Activation Failure Ratio (%)
  • PDP Context Activation Time (sec)
  • VPN Tunnel Establishment Failure Ratio (%)
  • VPN Tunnel Establishment Time (sec)
  • Content Failure Ratio (%)
  • Session Failure Ratio (%)
  • Session Time (sec)
  • Mean User Data Rate (Kbit/s)
  • Test starting timestamp.
  • Test ending timestamp.
  • Downloaded data size.
  • Connection lost indication.
  • Download time.
  • Throughput.
  • Reception starting time (e-mail)
  • Reception ending time (e-mail)
  • Total number of web pages visited.
  • Web pages access time.
  • Number of pages downloaded.
  • Test verdict.
  • Test incidences.
  • Check properness and reliability of WEB Servers.
  • Identifies Real-Time alerts.
  • Validates Web-content information.
  • Set KPIs to track performance evolution.
  • Validates ISPs.
  • Throughput measurements.
  • WEB service Access time.
  • WEB data download time.
  • Content Check.
  • Download & store Web-pages.
  • Web Browsing sequence registration.
  • Cookie handling.
  • WEB-Applications interaction Recording (i.e., book Cinema tickets).
  • Check Links accessibility (by name or URL).
  • PDP context monitoring.