MMS Test Service QoS

MMS services are one step more in the evolution of SMS toward 2.5, 3G & 4G Technologies; introducing themselves as SMS Services successors.The sophistication of this emerging industry and the interaction of several services in just one application, may cause some problems that can lead to a less positive quality perception on the end customer side with respect to the Telecom Operator, due to this fact, a constant quality check-out must be taken into consideration.

MMS Test Service QoS

  • Mobile-mobileMMS-Mail.
  • Operator services registration.
  • MMS-ChatLocation services.
  • Espacio

  • Information subscriptions.
  • MMS-Video.
  • MMS data.
  • MMS content vs User-Agents.
  • Espacio

  • Roaming mobile-mobile.
  • Send Failure Ratio MO (%)
  • Retrieval Failure Ratio MT (%)
  • Send Time MO (sec)
  • Retrieval Time (sec)
  • Failure Ratio in Synchronous Network Responses (%)
  • Network Response Time in Synchronous Services (%)
  • Notification Failure Ratio (%)
  • Delivery Failure Ratio in Subscription Services (%)
  • Delivery Time in Subscription Services over expected (sec)
  • End-to-end Failure Ratio MO/MT (%)
  • End-to-end Delivery Time MO/MT (sec)
  • End-to-end Failure Ratio MO/Email (%)
  • End-to-end Delivery Time MO/Email.
  • Calling/called party number.
  • Test starting time stamp.
  • MMS sending time stamp.
  • Notification SMS receiving time stamp.
  • Delivery report SMS receiving time stamp.
  • Test ending time stamp.
  • Time to send the MMS.
  • Time to receive the SMS notification.
  • Time to download the MMS.
  • Time to receive the delivery report SMS.
  • Received MMS subjectTest verdict.
  • Test incidences.
  • Benchmark other networks.
  • Get real-time alerts for pre-defined conditions.
  • Monitor service accessibility and quality.
  • Allows Service validation via terminal simulation (by using UAP).
  • Automated testing.Increase reliability.
  • Increase Customer satisfaction.
  • Send and receive MMS with content checking.
  • Delivery/transmission time measurement.
  • Failure notification.Inter & intra network.
  • MMS Service availability.
  • Existing Library for MMS test messages.
  • Delivery/transmission time measurement.
  • MMS Sent storage.
  • MMS Received storage.
  • MMS size obtainment.
  • Terminal simulation vs MMS content crosschecking.