Streaming Video Quality Test QoS

With new higher bandwidths, new real time multimedia services have been developed. The expectative for these services is a rapid growth, and to ensure the mobile customer enjoys the experience, streaming data transfer has to be tested continuously using a reliable and efficient system.

Streaming Video Quality Test QoS


  • Audio/Video Streaming.
  • Espacio

  • 3G Live TV.
  • Recorded Video.
  • Espacio

  • Network Availability.
  • Service Non-Accessibility (%)
  • Service Access Time (sec)
  • Session Cut-Off Ratio (%)
  • Reproduction Cut-Off Ratio (%)
  • Audio Quality (MOS audio)
  • Video Quality (MOS video)
  • Audio/video synchronization (%)
  • Reproduction Start Failure Ratio (%)
  • Reproduction Start Delay (sec)
  • Test starting time stamp.
  • Test ending time stamp.
  • Connection time stamp.
  • Time stamp to play.
  • Number of times the buffer gets empty.
  • Received audio traces.
  • Audio/video bytes received.
  • Audio/video packets lost.
  • Number of unsorted audio/video packets.
  • Number of total video packets received.
  • Average size of total audio/video packets received.
  • Maximum/average delay of arriving audio/video packets.
  • Number of unsynchronized audio/video packets.
  • Test verdict.
  • Enables true E2E streaming quality assessment in mobile applications.
  • Helps controlling and checking Media Platforms.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and use.
  • Helps monitor new media services before commercial launching.
  • Real-time problem detection.
  • Streaming rates.Streaming download, storage and validation.
  • Service Accessibility checking.
  • Industry Standard protocols supported (RTP/RTSP/RTD).
  • TCP / UDP supported.
  • Packets received, sent.
  • Packets delays, lost.
  • Reproduction tests.
  • Time measurements.
  • Predicted MOS Values for Audio&Video QoS.