Services Validation Suit

Businesses that don’t build a careful plan for Services automated testing may end up wasting expensive resources: time, effort and money. As far as Telecom Operators are concerned, these directly affect their Services performance and “revenue per user” figures, driving them to the situation of doing more with less and involving themselves in a situation where they want to test services adequately, but at the same time, as quickly and systematically as possible. To accomplish this goal, operators already understand that these tasks have to be done via an automatic testing solution. The Xplorer System meets these requirements.

The Services Validation Test suit provides the telecom operator with a scalable offering starting from Basic Services, going through GPRS Services, 3G Services and up to Valued Added Services. The operator will be able to proactively monitor and analyze wireless network services, cost effectively and centrally and will also be able to perform the Benchmarking of Services from other competitors, transforming the Xplorer in a powerful tool for competition analysis.


Multiple interface probes for simultaneous test case

Xplorer provides powerful distributed control capabilities ruled by a strict permissions hierarchy. Concurrent users are allowed to carry out, each one, the different tasks they are concerned to.
The tests conducted by the System allow for detection of anomalies and performance evaluation of the following Services:


    • Secures Service QoS.
    • Service Benchmarking against your competitors.
    • Ensures continuous Service Monitoring.
    • Enables Real Time Service degradation Alarms.
    • Easy adaptation to New Services and Technologies.
    • Create complex tests, by combining simple operations of different services and by using the scripting capabilities.
    • Maximum granularity test design.
    • Flexible and scalable system.
    • Stationary and mobile probes.