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Fixed Technology

Xplorer QoS is a system designed to provide a clear and objective vision of the Quality of Service, as perceived by the end user. The probes can be fixed, portable or mobile. By means of the Probes several services and technologies can be tested and monitored like Fixed Tecnhology (PSTN).


ADSL, FTTH Technology

By providing this powerful and customizable ADSL and FTTH Testing and monitoring Tool to our customers, we are helping them to have a better vision of the performance of the Services delivered to their end users through all broadband fixed technologies.

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2G, 3G Technologies

Xplorer QoS has the capability to test and monitor 2G and 3G technology. The system user may generate several test-scenarios that will produce what we call “output parameters” and verdicts, out of this data, the user will be able to create his own KPIs.


4G LTE Technology

LTE is the latest mobile technology included in our end-to-end testing portfolio. Xplorer QoS can also support other mobile technologies like GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, WIFI and fixed ones such as xDSL, FTTH, CableModem.