Voice Test Service QoS

Voice is and will continue being the principal way of communication, consequently the best network quality indicator.It’s not only necessary to ensure avoidance of delays, echo incidences, but also to guarantee the intelligibility and loudness of what is heard in the other part; in the end, that means voice quality.On the other hand, Interactive Voice Response Services like VoiceMail and other services based on communications with speaking devices are nowadays “on vogue”, that means Operators and Service Providers will continue offering easy-to-use Voice based applications, while assuring usability and effectiveness. In this sense, XPLOREr QoS is perfectly able to respond and record voice prompts not matter how sophisticated they could be.

Voice Test Service QoS


  • Mobile-mobile voice calls.
  • Location services.
  • Inteligent network.
  • Channel Quality Measurements.
  • Voice Mail.


  • Voice portals navigation DTMF.


  • Roaming CLI transmission.
  • Roaming Service Performance.
  • Service Non-Accessibility (%)
  • Service Access Time (sec)
  • Cut-off Call Ratio (%)
  • Speech Quality on Sample basis (MOS-LQO)
  • Speech Quality on Call basis (MOS-LQO)
  • CLI transmission failure (%)
  • Voice Mail deposit Failure Ratio (%)
  • Voice Mail SMS Notification Failure Ratio (%)
  • Voice Mail SMS Notification Time (sec)
  • Voice Mail Outcall Failure Ratio (%)
  • Voice Mail Outcall Time (sec)
  • Voice Mail Retrieval Failure Ratio – SMS Notification (%)
  • Voice Mail Retrieval Failure Ratio – Outcall (%)
  • Voice Mail Content Speech Quality (MOS-LQO)
  • Voice Mail End-to-end Failure Ratio – SMS Notification
  • Voice Mail End-to-end Failure Ratio – Outcall (%)
  • Voice Mail End-to-end Failure Ratio – SMS Notification and Outcall (%)
  • Test starting time stamp.
  • Test ending time stamp.
  • Call establishment time.
  • Call status information.
  • Time of voice mail message.
  • Notification voice mail time.
  • Voice mail message recorded.
  • Voice mail message detected.
  • Test verdictTest incidences.
  • Provide information on Net and Internetworking performance.
  • Get real-time alerts for abnormal situations.
  • Monitor service accessibility and quality.
  • Automated testing.
  • Increase reliability.Increase Customer satisfaction.
  • Advanced Test cases builder allowing multi interface and technology scenarios.
  • Maximum granularity test design.
  • Creation of your own test scenarios.
  • Flexible and scalable system.
  • Stationary and mobile probes.