LTE 4G Performance Testing Quality Service QoS

Little history

The 3GPP Long Term Evolution (4G) high-speed, high-capacity data standard for mobile devices is on its way to becoming a globally deployed standard.

It has been set the following phases in the 4G deployment:

    • Phase 1: CSFB Fallback. Voice and SMS services are performed via 2G/3G and Data via 4G.
    • Phase 2: VoLTE + SRVCC. Voice Call is served via 4G. If no-4G coverage during a call, the SRVCC procedure assures accurate handover to 2G/3G.
    • Phase 3: Convergence.
LTE 4G Performance Testing

LTE in Xplorer QoS

LTE is the latest mobile technology included in our end-to-end testing portfolio. Xplorer QoS can also support other mobile technologies like GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, WIFI and fixed ones such as xDSL, FTTH, CableModem.

This new capability allows operators automatically characterizes 4G networks based upon KPI standards, compare to other mobile technologies enjoying their end-subscribers and make architectural and operational decision to guarantee maximum quality.