Alarm System

In Ibys we have a tool for measuring and evaluating the quality of service (QoS) in the field of telecommunications. The monitoring system QoS 24×7 allows you to define degradation alarms of the service that would activate the notification system via SMS, email,,..

Drive Test

One of the most important tests is Drive Test; the information generated through this procedure based on the mobility is the closest thing to the actual experience of the end-user.


In Ibys we have a tool to carry out comparative studies to determine the quality of service of the operators and competitors. They are based on the analysis through custom reports, and they are oriented for regulators and operators.

Quality of contents

Telecom Operators have currently a wide offering of Services based on information or Contents which are provided by third party companies. (Content Providers). In order for subscribers to extensively use this type of services, quality needs to be secured, both on objective and subjective parameters.


In today’s telecoms atmosphere, Billing plays a very important part role in Operations.. Xplorer is specifically designed to monitor and quantify billing accuracy from an intrusive point of view and will detect for instance which services are not billed properly.