IT Management and Monitoring

  • Management platform, monitoring and reporting of IT infrastructure.
  • Speed (reports in seconds), Scalability (distributed architecture) and Simplicity (all in one)
  • Data Sources: Standard Metric as SNMP and Netflow, non-standard metrics and EMS (with adapters xstat)
  • Bidirectional API for integration with other OSS tools.
  • Appliance SevOne PAS™ 200k objects to its maximum setting.
  • Appliance Sevone DNC Up to 15 million flows per minute and 1 second polling rate.
  • Xstat: Third metric can incorporate as network probes, proprietary applications and EMS.
  • Observer Infraestructure

  • Queries based on application, system and network resources.
  • Notifications of potential problems.
  • Optimize network performance, IT planning.
  • Synthetic Indicators

  • Combining different metrics and KPIs.
  • Total Bytes in interface, packets sent vs ratio of errors received, compare server response times.